Defining Effects Mascara - Black


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Defining Effects Mascara - Black
Defining Effects Mascara - Black

When it comes to makeup, most women can't live without their mascara. And not just any mascara. More than any other cosmetic, mascara seems to foster the fiercest brand loyalty. Unfortunately, there may be more to your mascara than meets the eye. Along with one or two beneficial-sounding ingredients, most mascaras actually contain harsh ingredients that can damage delicate lashes. So make a break with the past and try something new. Discover how Nu Colour has redefined mascara to mean beautiful, beneficial and worthy of your loyalty. Now, that's a mascara you can't live without! While giving your lashes the appearance of length and definition, this exclusive conditioning formula strengthens and protects with panthenol, and also features a unique brush designed specifically to extend and separate lashes without clumping or smudging.

Lash Tips

To coat every upper lash in the outside corner of your eye, lift the outer lid, then place the wand at the base of the lashes, and move the wand back and forth quickly several times.

To instantly open and brighten the eye, use a lash curler - the professional makeup artist's best friend.To emphasise top lashes, forgo mascara on the bottom lashes, and then apply an extra coat to top lashes for a dramatic contrast.

Keep It Fresh

Ideally, you should replace mascara three to six months after opening to ensure freshness and efficacy.

If you store mascara laying down instead of standing up, it will be easier to load the brush without pumping, which forces unnecessary air into the tube, causing it to dry out quickly. Simple swivel the applicator inside the tube to load the brush.


  • Separates and defines lashes: Unique brush design separates every lash while laying down even colour
  • Lengthening benefits: New formula adds length to each lash
  • No smudging or clumps: Moisturising formula stays beautiful all day without smudging or clumping
  • No harmful ingredients
  • Formula is non irritating
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes

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